The Evidence

What follows is the evidence that we were able to collect about the organizers of many of the rallies, using nothing more than Google and Facebook. We think you will be shocked at just how deep the institutionalized partisanship runs in these “non-partisan” rallies!

Halifax, NS

According to the Halifax Anti Coalition group, Brenden Sommerhalder was the rally organizer. His facebook indicated he’s originally from Winnipeg. A simple google search yielded this gem:

“Brenden Sommerhalder, president of the party’s Radisson Constituency Association, has proposed an amendment to the party constitution to allow for a leadership review later this year. The proposal is based on poor showings at the polls under Gerrard’s watch.”

President of a Liberal Riding association, trying to push a leadership review. Non partisan? According to the media, you bet!

But wait… it gets even better!

Sydney, NS

The organizer of the rally in Sydney, Nova Scotia, is no other than former NSNDP Candidate Wayne Mackay!

Wayne McKay

Antigonish, NS

According to the Anti Progoration Facebook group, Betsy Macdonald was one of the organizers. A quick google of her revealed a blog titled, Women and Girls Matter. In her blog, she praises new NDP Premier Darrell Dexter.

According to her Facebook page, she is also a big fan of Bolivian Socialist revolutionary Evo Morales, Fidel Castro’s brother Raul, and cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that her political beliefs just might be firmly entrenched. Non-partisan rally indeed!

St. John’s, NL

When reviewing the St. John’s Newfoundland event, I quickly discovered an organizer named Sally Housser. Sally has a hyper-partisan twitter account where she kindly identifies herself as a huge supporter of the federal NDP, and even worked on the NSNDP campaign! BUSTED!

Moncton, NB

It was time to check out the Moncton Rally. One of the organizers is identified as Daniel Legere. There is a Daniel Leger identified as the NDP Beausejour EDA President on the NDP Website! Yes, thats right, an NDP EDA PRESIDENT. Coincidence? Didn’t think so!

Fredericton, NB

The event in Fredericton was organized by no other than Alysha Bayes, a Law Student. She appeared clean, until we found she maintains a Twitter account. Any anti Harperites should give it a whirl, she sure does love taking pot shots at Harper and Conservatives in general. She also seems to phrase Ignatieff, and follows the Liberals on Twitter. However, I bet she does not have one Partisan bone in her body!

Hamilton, ON

One of the main organizers in Hamilton, is none other than Shilo Davis. The same Shilo Davis who recently lost the NDP Nomination in the riding of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale.


Shilo Davis also created many of the other anti-prorogation facebook events! Far from rallies that spontaneously sprung up all over Canada as part of a larger grassroots movement, this was a clearly a well-orchestrated partisan endeavor by a former NDP nomination candidate. (Might explain all the mass-produced NDP signs at every rally across the country!!)

Her involvement foreshadowed other NDP Partisans who seemed to materialize to organize most of the’spontaneous’ events across Ontario:

Mississauga, ON

The Mississauga event had many organizers. One of them was a lady named Farah Kalbouneh. Ironically enough, this is the same Farah Kalbouneh who is the NDP Candidate for Mississauga South (see saved website). I’m sure that being the NDP Candidate did nothing to influence her decision to organize a rally designed to benefit the NDP.

Guelph, ON

The Guelph Organizer is no other than Angella Allt. I wonder if she has any relation to Phil Allt, the NDP Candidate in Guelph in 2004? I am sure the fact they are friends on facebook is just a non-partisan coincidence.

Waterloo, ON

The Waterloo event organizers seemed legimate enough. We thought we had finally stumbled upon a real non partisan organized event. Then we discovered a Twitter account maintained by Etana Cain (an organizer). She protected her tweets, but I still managed to dig up this little gem, confirming that she helped organize and set up the NDP Campus club at the University of Waterloo.


Oakville, ON

Oakville featured a small demonstration against prorogation. This would not have been possible without the help of Organizer James Ede. What is his partisan connection? Oh, nothing provable… maybe just the fact that he is an NDP Executive Member!

Windsor, ON

Windsor featured a typically communist like Union organized rally. It reeked of an NDP set up. We didn’t have to go far to track down the source of the scent. The organizer was Paul Chislett, even identified in his facebook account with links to Sudbury. Funnily enough, we soon discovered he was the NDP Candidate there in 2000.

I am sure that in moving to Windsor, he abandoned his NDP and Union ties and lives a free, apolitical life.

Sudbury, ON

Sudbury has a long history of powerful Union and NDP interests. They did not disappoint this time around, as Anti-prorogation organizer Christopher Duncanson-Hales serves another role in the community: NDP EDA President for Sudbury!

Definitely someone I would call non-partisan.

Quinte West, ON

The event in Quinte west was organized by Bryan Bondy. He maintains a twitter page that is so Partisan it hurts. Even his user pic has a Liberal L embedded into it:

Thanks for making it so easy for us to nail down your Partisan Political Interests Bryan!!

Stratford, ON

Stratford featured an event organzed by a highschooler, Ben Veldman. We thought to ourselves, how wonderful to see a young man take such a noble, nonpartisan stand. Then we checked the Perth Wellington Liberal Facebook group, and discovered an old post from Mr. Veldman asking to be a volunteer. Please enjoy the following screen shot:

Thunder Bay, ON

The event at Thunder Bay was organized by a Ryan M Sullivan. Funny enough, we found a facebook post of him advertising for the Young Liberals. Busted!

Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg, the beacon of socialism. We figured we’d find evidence of NDP involvement in the ‘nonpartisan rally’. Sure enough, we didn’t have to go far to find it. One of the event organizers according to the facebook page was a young man named “Gregory T-F”. It didn’t take long to find this picture of him, FRONT AND CENTRE at an NDP rally.


Regina, SK

Local criminal defence lawyer Brendan Pyle is an officer in the Facebook group for the Regina rally, and also offered to dish out cash to fund materials for it:

As you can see there, he also offered to write their news release. Brendan has some writing experience, having written this, in which he identifies himself as a New Democrat and gushes over Ryan Meili, strongly endorsing him for the leadership of the Saskatchewan NDP!!

But its non-partisan, I swear!

Peace River, AB

Funnily enough, the anti-prorogation organizer in Peace Country is Susan Thompson. She wouldn’t happen to be the same Susan Thompson who ran there for the NDP in 2004 now would she?

Victoria, BC

Craig Ashbourne was the organizer for the “non-partisan” rally in Victoria. He was happy to welcome NDP speakers to his rally, and was probably even happier acting as the media contact for the NDP in these press releases last year!

Here is a Photo of Mr. Ashbourne working on NDP Campaign, from their facebook group:

Other organizers, Adam Frisen and Kim Lear are also connected to the Oak Bay Gordon Head NDP Constituency Association. Better luck next time, guys!

Northwest Territories

The event in the Northwest Territories was organized by Jean-François Des Lauriers, the same man who donated a considerable sum of money to NDP MP Dennis Bevington’s Campaign:

I don’t know about all of you, but I am feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside right now, knowing that this was a real non-partisan grassroots movement, with no political connections at all.



  1. Interesting research. Thanks for taking the time to do it and publish it.

    • This is one perception of one individual who singled out organizers. I for one know in London ON we had 18 organizers and I am willing to bet that some of them had past party affiliations. However, I could redo this entire article to show how non-partisan this movement was by showing that every party was present and supportive its how you view it. The eyes are a wonderful thing perhaps the person who wrote this blog should open theirs and lets not forget be more open minded.

  2. Very good post – lots of good evidence here.

    However, can I kindly make a suggestion? I think if a firm connection can’t be made, even though someone may appear to have ties, they should be left off this list. Members of parties who actively assist in campaigns should definitely be on it, but ‘Harper-haters’ like Angela Allt, Alysha Bayes, and Betsy Macdonald – while clear in who they don’t support, and clear in who they do, doesn’t mean they are active NDP or Liberal members.

    To make my point, I clearly support the Conservative party and Stephen Harper, but I am not a member of the party. I belong to Blogging Tories, because my personal opinions mainly reflect those of my fellow BTers, but if I wanted to hold a ‘non-partisan’ rally, I would be in my right to do so, since I don’t have any official ties to the Conservative party itself. And in the case of Angela Allt, she may be related to Phil Allt in some way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s aligned with Phil politically (probably is, but that’s a flimsy argument). That’s like the recent zinger about CPC Peter Kent’s brother Arthur having divergent views – doesn’t quite wash for me.

    But all in all, great work!

  3. This really is not surprising at all. Everybody who cares is into politics in one form or another and at all levels. Just common sense. What is informative is which party is the major player.

  4. There’s no information for the Edmonton rally.

  5. So, what’s your point?


    Nice try Harpercons but it won’t wash here. This site is non-partisan and the people here are multi-partisan. You can not hold us down. We are unstoppable. We are a force you have to deal with and you’re old school ways no longer apply. We have made a leap across time and space and you are still operating in the dark ages. I almost feel sorry for you that’s how pathetic your tactics come across, but I am not sorry, I am angry, very angry, feel my anger, it’s not going away

  6. Very good information here, but nothing the media didn’t know already, especially those covering their local beats.

    This issue was largely media-driven from the start and is a perfect example why journalism ranks near the bottom of any list measuring public trust. Sad.

  7. what you have failed to provide is the fact that all parties were asked to NOT use their party colours or posters. The fact that some organizers of rallies belong to other political groups is irrelevant.
    And to suggest that this backlash toward the current conservative government is media driven is absolute drivel. It shows a complete lack of understanding of how the news organizations work and under what rules and regulations.

  8. The FB effort was impressive no matter the actual architects but in the final view one has to feel that this served up a fancy attack front for the media.

    Media were not about to actually look into and dissect the main players facilitating the rallies. It simply served to buttress the media message, which is to castigate anything conservative.

    • Absolutely!! But I still take the opportunity to send it on to Jane Taber, Powerplay, Chantal Hebert just so that they know we know-nothing else!!

  9. Nice work and not surprising. Those rallies had the stench of Liberal and NDP all over them.

    The liberals will do anything (lie , cheat and steal) to get elected and this proves even further that they care little about democracy.

    • Of course your exclusion of the Conservatives from the liars, cheaters and stealers was just an oversight right? Your exclusion of the Conservatives from the “they” that care little about democracy was just an oversight right? Proroguing government to run and hide from facing the depth of government knowledge of torture in Afghanistan is the hugest abuse of governmental power I can think of…oh wait, I can think of a few others in the past couple of years but really I don’t have all night to educate you on the depth of damage the Conservatives have done to democracy. Let’s face it our political system feeds the liars, cheaters, and stealers…look who’s running (I use this term loosely) our country.

  10. Seriously…why am I not up there???

    I started the whole thing so what gives!?!

    • Chris
      you sound like Dion-telling Ignatieff that he really is still the leader because no leadership convention was held. It’s the nature of the people who are on your site-let you do the hard work and they just organize a few friends here and then and guess what? Chris is forgotten!!

  11. Here, my political views EXPOSED!
    (a video I made a couple months ago)

  12. Hey, where’d my letter to the Manning Center go? I sent it to them yesterday.

    Here it is again, must be a glitch.

    Dear Christy MacPhail,

    Hello, my name is Christopher White and I would like to know if there is still the
    opportunity to attend the Alberta Project conference tomorrow.

    I am a graduate student at the UofA. I have recently started a facebook group, Canadians
    Against Proroguing Parliament, in an effort to engage Canadians with the political
    process at a national level. I have long respected Mr. Manning’s direct democracy
    approach and I hope to learn more about provincial politics at this conference. I will
    let you know immediately that this is not an attempt to subvert the conference with any
    message on prorogation, which I regard as a national issue and inappropriate in the
    proposed forum.

    Please let me know if space is still available. Thank you for your time, I look forward
    to hearing from you soon.


    -Christopher White

  13. Ottawa Rally feels left out too 😦
    How could you leave out the 2 biggest rallies, Toronto and Ottawa?

    • Because that’s obvious-Toronto is Bob Rae country and it’s a given he should be able to get 7 000 people out. And Ottawa-Dewar’s there -he and Jack would own that one although 3500 isn’t much considering the fact that the vets got 10 000 out there on a cold day.

  14. You claim to be non-partisan yourselves, but you do not have the decency to say who you are. Instead you shamefully hide behind the title of RallyFacts. You have taken the time to “investigate” a few of the people out of 224,000 Canadians who have become involved in CAPP, but who are you?

    I, like a vast number of people in CAPP, have had varied political allegiances over the years – but what drives me at present is the need to address democratic accountability and good governance in this country – regardless of the party. That the author of the most recent prorogation is the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada quite rightly leaves him open to the bulk of recent criticism by a large number of Canadians beyond CAPP. Until we have true transparency and accountability in government (which we were promised) this scrutiny will continue.

  15. People from every party were welcome. People with no party associations were welcome. That is Non-partisan.
    The issue was about the anti democratic behaviour of the Harper Govt as evidenced by proroguing govt and other actions. Everyone regardless of politics, race creed or colour was welcome.
    CPC party please change, stop attack ads, lies about opposition parties being unpatriotic, get your self respect back.

    • No we were led to believe even in Chris’ interview on powerplay these were grassroots people with no party affiliation wanting democracy???Give me a break!!

  16. This is despicable. I can’t believe the MSM reported these to be “non-partisan” without ever even bothering to check who was throwing the damn things.

    It is high time we let the damn media die. Cut off funding for the CBC and stop buying newspapers. They are a complete waste of time and clearly are not interested in the facts, only in sensationalism.

  17. Neil Adair: “How could you leave out the 2 biggest rallies, Toronto and Ottawa?”

    I was at the Ottawa rally.

    Half the speakers were about the environment (one, a sobbing 17 year old girl.)

    One speaker spoke about native land claims, or native rights, or something.

    Several people were smoking pot.

    Nothing but union flags and NDP signs everywhere.

    After Jack Layton spoke, 80% of the crowd left and didn’t bother listening to Iggy.

    It was 100% NDP and Union orchestrated.

    Maybe these rallies started off innocent enough, but the NDP clearly infiltrated the Ottawa rally, and according to this blog, many of the other rallies as well.

    Former candidates were organizing them, for christs sake!!

    If the NDP hadn’t called up their union pawns, there would have been a couple hundred people at the Ottawa rally, tops.

    Thanks for this blog, despite the whining coming from the usual suspects, most Canadians see these rallies for what they really are. I hope this blog helps spread that message.

    • Absolutely! There was every socialist sign there even save the seals!!

    • Interesting that Kady O’Malley noted that, unlike conservative rallies, there were no people being bused in to increase the numbers at these rallies. She was at the one in Ottawa.

      I am amused by the way you people want to keep this rally in the news. I am sure the organizers are grateful, even if they are laughing at your desperate attempt to undermine their message.

  18. Was it ever a seriously in question? This was an anti-Harper movement from day-1 and that’s why the press kept it running.
    I guess in a nation where all journalists want to work for the CBC or their friends, no one wants to do any real independent, non-partisan investigation.

  19. HAH!!!!

    Gotta love the backpedaling and spin on this from the CAPPers.

    “Of course they were partisan! We never said it was non partisan!!”

    Uhhh yes you did. That was like, YOUR MAIN POINT in the days leading up to it!!

    Ohhhhh oh right, *WE* don’t understand what non-partisan really means. We’re just stupid conservatives who need you to explain it to us.

    You claim people are attacking anyone who may have been politically active in the past, which is just plain not true.

    How about instead of setting up that type of straw man argument, you explain exactly why you feel it is perfectly fine to have NDP CANDIDATES SETTING UP YOUR “NON-PARTISAN” RALLIES?!?!

  20. Simple test:

    1) Who paid for the mass printed signs?
    2) Who paid/donated for the rental space to organize?
    3) Are these spaces and printers used what political party on a regular basis?


    Are these expenses going to be allowed by Elections Canada?

    Yes the media are responsible for the heavy rotation for four weeks promoting this partisan event and labelling it a grassroots protest.

    The three stooges failed in 2008, 2009 and now are left wondering in 2010 how many more seats are the CPC going to win?

    The NDP were the responsible architects because the Liberals don’t have a credible federal ground game.

    So the regular band of anti-war, hug a tree, save a seal, public service union member attend for a publicity stunt as per leftist doctrine.

    Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Iran’s leader, could use these muppets for propaganda tools.

    It fails because less than 20k made it out to “save democracy”.

  21. Goodness, of the hundreds of people involved in organizing the anti-prorogation rallies, is it not to be expected that a fair number would have had some involvement with one or more political parties in the past? That said, I will say I find it interesting that of your 21 names, you’re able to link only four with the Liberals (and, so very loosely, at that).

    Really, I’m trying to keep an open mind here, but your argument seems desperate and becomes rather diluted by adding names like these:

    Betsy Macdonald, who posted a blog entry in which she celebrated the NSNDP victory (then, curiously, you report that her politics are actually much farther to the left).

    Alysha Bayes, a woman who has been critical of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. And, get this, she “seems to phrase [sic] Ignatieff, and follows the Liberals on Twitter [emphasis mine].”

    And what about Angella Allt, who shares the same surname as the local NDP candidate? “I wonder if she has any relation”, you write. Perhaps… but what would that prove? Jack Layton’s father was a PC cabinet minister and his grandfather was a Union Nationale MNA.

    All this brings me to the rally in Stratford that I attended, which you claim was “organzed [sic] by a highschooler [sic], Ben Veldman”, who once offered to volunteer for the Liberal Party. Yet, the speakers expressed harsh criticism of both the Conservatives and the Liberals. Indeed, not one party mentioned – and here I add the NDP – came off unscathed.

    Thin stew, indeed. You’ll have to present much more in order to make a convincing argument that the rallies were anything but non-partisan.

  22. I was one of the people who helped organise the rally in Kingston. The woman who spearheaded the effort does not belong to a political party, and neither do I, and we did the bulk of the work in setting it up. We had some talks with local riding association representatives (we called all of local associations up and invited them to come to the organisation meetings) and there was a liberal and a dipper there… the CPC riding association, however, declined our invitation, both to the organisation meetings and to the rally itself, which is too bad because I would have been interested in hearing their argument for why it was both good and necessary to prorogue parliament at this time.

    At the rally itself, we had a speaker from the libs, the dippers, and one of the local greens. We had a prof from Queen’s there as well, and a couple of people from various local groups with a political slant that aren’t associated with any particular party. The discussion was interesting, engaging, and convivial; unfortunately I don’t think that the CPC did itself any favours in the riding by spurning our invitation.

    So… considering that they explicitly told us they had no interest in engaging on the issue, it seems a little disingenuous for them to complain that people from the Opposition were they while they weren’t; they were invited and it was entirely their own decision not to come to the rally and argue their point.

    • So – Conservatives were invited to help plan and participate in the lynching – how nice. You don’t have to officially belong to a political party to act on behalf of a partisan interest. I would speculate that nearly all of the participants came with an anti-Harper, left wing agenda. Did your local groups include the local unions? Did political parties help fund the rally?

      If you were interested in debating the issue, hold a fair debate. This was an anti-Conservative demonstration, and it was pretty obvious that no one was looking to discuss the issue. You know and I know that anyone defending the actions of the Prime Minister would have been shouted down – as happens quite regularly whenever there are blog postings on the issue.

      • Yeah, because after all, a political rally is just like hanging someone from a tree until they’re dead.

        I believe that the term of art in demagoguery that you’re attempting to use here is false equivalency.

        And, who’s shouting here? Did I compare the conservatives to a murderous mob? No. However, you seem to feel quite comfortable calling us one.

        And you guys wonder why you’re in political trouble.

      • Oh, One other note. Obviously, I can’t speak for the folks that organised the other rallies, but we didn’t take any money from anyone. Also, in response to your comment on the Greens down-thread: if we (Amanda and I) don’t belong to a political party, didn’t accept any money from a political party, and invited all of the parties to come but one of them declined… does that make our protest a cross-partisan “lynch mob” or a non-partisan group of citizens who’ve decided they’ve had enough?

      • Actually, it is a metaphor, an allusion, and, of course, hyperbole. The metaphor was intended to draw attention to the single-minded purpose and unmitigated anti-Conservative element of the CAPP groups. Quite frankly, there is nothing wrong with actions taken by the CAPP groups to express their views, but I do find it incredibly naive, disingenuous, or just downright hypocritical for you to behave as though this was a politically neutral event and Conservatives were “welcome” to participate. I also find it hard to believe that the rallies were not provoked by the strong anti-Conservative sentiment among largely left-wing partisans. Your claim of not personally belonging to a party is essentially splitting hairs — kind of in the spirit of “never had sex with that woman”.

        Your statement indicating that the rallies involved “a non-partisan group of citizens who’ve decided they’ve had enough?” makes your political leanings clear, but raises the question: enough of what, exactly? Enough of Conservatives being in power, I presume, given that the actual transgression (proroguing) is no different from Prime Ministerial actions taken many times before. Having made up your minds in advance about the nature of the rally, how could you imagine that anyone with Conservative views would feel comfortable participating?

  23. There were quite a few Green Party activists also involved in organizing the Ottawa rally. Cross-party does not mean non-partisan. The demonstrations were essentially a “coalition” of anti-Conservative types (parties, unions, and climate change activists) and their anger was pretty much a delayed reaction to the prorogation of 2008. Despite the rhetoric, there just was not enough at stake for Canadians in this prorogation to warrant such an outpouring of anger. This was really precipitated by a residual anger towards Conservatives for successfully thwarting last year’s coalition.

    • That makes sense-right-they were in favor of the coalition!! I hadn’t thought of it this way!!

  24. The ultimate irony here is; imagine the tables were turned.

    Imagine there were rallies across the country declared by the organizers, and the media, to be “non-partisan”. And then, days later, it was discovered that a big chunk of the organizers were partisan conservatives and former conservative candidates.

    (and it *would* get outed, because we all know that the media would be all over THAT one.)

    Do you imagine that these so-called “non-partisans” would be jumping to the defence of the rallies, tripping over themselves trying to explain that ‘non-partisan’ doesn’t really mean ‘non-partisan’, and that it really wasn’t a big deal that conservatives had organized rallies sold as “non-partisan”?

    Yeeesh. I’m not even going to give a rhetorical answer to that situation.

    These anti-proroguers are getting desperate, trying to extend their 15 mins in the spotlight.

    • The comparison only works if, as you put it, “a big chunk of the organizers” identified with one (and only one party). What the folks here have found is evidence that 21 organizers had some relationship, no matter how weak, with two different parties. I imagine further digging would reveal some participation of Greens and others. After all, as I stated above, is it not to be expected that a rally such as this would attract those who’d had some previous political experience?

      I suppose we’ll have to disagree on the definition of “a big chunk”. Twenty-one organizers out of several hundred, doesn’t really cut it for me. And when you include someone because they once wrote that they were happy about the NSNDP victory or another because they follow the Liberals on Twitter, my eyes begin to role.

      So, no real irony here; though it is interesting to note that the people behind Rally Facts, who are so intent on exposing the politics and experiences of others, have themselves chosen to remain anonymous.

  25. The rallies were an absolute joke.

    Less than one tenth of the members of the big facebook group bothered to show up (and even that is a fairly high estimate)

    Of those protesters, 75%+ of them were union members who were pushed to show up when their union reps gave them a call. In Ottawa, the union members left when Layton was done talking, before Iggy hit the stage.

    (For that matter – since when does Layton speak before Iggy??????)

    And the dipper signs across the country….. this was an NDP-orchestrated event. If the Dips weren’t involved, sure the rallies would have gone on, but the attendance would have been even lower.

  26. […] A few inconvenient facts about those so-called ‘non-partisan’ anti-prorogation rallies – H/T Shrug. Filed under Canadian Government, Canadian Parliament, Canadian economy, Harper best PM ever, Harper smartest PM ever, Stephen Harper Comment (RSS)  |  Trackback  |  Permalink […]

  27. Are these people denying the NDP were responsible in organizing several of the protests?

    Are these people suggesting the media gave heavy rotation for four weeks with print and tv?

    Are these people going to deny large numbers of the people showing up were at the pro-coalition in 2008?

    It was easy to get 220k to push a button, it was more difficult for the NDP to get angry mob excited over a 17-22 day delay of the parliament returning.

    The excuses don’t wash. Lost bills, waste of money?

    Are these going to demand the opposition allow the reintroduction of all the Bill delayed?

    Unusual, an act used 105x with never an outcry by the same crowd when Liberals used it?

    The majority of MP are in opposition and can punish the government by removing their confidene in March 2009. Will they, unlikely they know the fake scandals they have pushed in 2009 won’t hold up in a real campaign.
    Iffy and Jack are taking turns avoiding returning to the people for a mandate. All the time passing the agenda of the government. Now with the Senate unable to block or gut at will, the HOC will finally become responsible.

    Jack and Iffy can’t hide behind the Liberal senators, now they will have to fight in parliament.

  28. What did you expect, people interested in politics to have no political leanings? The various groups still had people from all political walks of life involved.

    • Are you completely mental????? The issue here isn’t that people from all walks of life were involved, but more about how it was former NDP candidates and people that sit as presidents of NDP boards that were organizing and promoting the events.

      Seriously, did you even read the whole post?

      I swear, these anti-proroguers are getting dumber and dumber…

  29. And your point is?

    • Is that a serious question? It is explained in crystal clear terms in the “About” section of this site. The point is that newsworthy information was overlooked by the mainstream media.


  30. The only people who are truly non-partisan are people with no opinions. And people with no opinions get nothing done.

    • People who are not non-partisan should not sell their events as non-partisan. This is very simple.

      I love how these events were sold as non-partisan, but now that the partisanship has been exposed, they’re all like “oh well of course they were partisan, everyone is partisan, blah blah blah”

      Your denial is beneath you, you fools.

  31. Wow, of the hundreds of organizers of a political event, some had a political past. I’m amazed. Literally floored. I would never have expected this – ever.

    In fact, we should now ignore Harper’s erosion of democratic practices.

  32. You people are funny.

    Just because a small fraction of the organizers had some political ties does not make the rallies partisan. They would only be partisan if they were organized in support of those parties – and they weren’t. The fact that people were affiliated to more than one political party proves the rallies were not organized in support of any one party. They were organized against something Harper did.

    That is totally different.

  33. We’d like to thank everyone for your comments and emails.

    However weeding out the juvenile, name-calling, and even racist comments is proving to be too much of a hassle, so comments are now closed.

    Once again, thank you all for your comments, and your tips, there will be much more evidence of partisanship added to this site in the near future.

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